Nominate a Patient

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Let Them Shine Nomination Criteria

On a quarterly basis, the Let Them Shine Selection Committee will choose transformational cases for patients who, based on the applications received, will benefit most from the donated procedures. The information provided in this application will become the basis for selection of transformational cases (transformational cases include those that significantly impact functionality, smile and/or confidence).

In preparation for submitting your online application via the link below, please be aware nominating clinicians must agree to all criteria as stated in the online application form, including but not limited to:

  • Donating 100% of all associated case services, fees, and non-Straumann Group related products. If the clinician is not performing the final restoration, the clinician must secure these services from another clinician either free of charge or at their own expense.
  • Securing a lab willing to donate 100% of all associated lab services and lab costs for your case including but not limited to; temporary/final prosthesis and restorative fees. PLEASE NOTE: For those applicants who are unable to do so, the Let Them Shine program can help with this process.

In addition, the clinician will be required to provide the following documentation before the application will be reviewed:

  • Photographs of your patient’s mouth (both before and after restoration).
  • All clinical case documentation regarding the patient’s diagnosis, treatments, and current clinical situation.
  • Requested waivers and consent forms.

If you have questions regarding nomination criteria, or the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to